The ‘Now’ | Quarantine Life..

Amidst all the self enforced productivity and set milestones… Quarantine life has come as a beautiful surprise.. I never thought I could stay locked up in a place for over a month, especially the both of us, staying together and not killing each other ( well there have been times when we felt like it I’m sure, but we are still alive so that’s good news).

But honestly, I miss my family and especially my mom a lot, however I am not having a bad time at all. Sure there are house chores, responsibilities, managing my blog and my instagram and of course babying my big baby man .. between all of this my days just fly away and the nights are filled with bonding pillow talks and good content on Netflix..

I feel like this is a gift from the universe like saying, ‘here you go, take a good big bite of your pizza’ then you’re going to be on diet for a while .. When I think about work and my responsibilities out there, of course it worries me, the state of our economy after all this is over worries me, this is exactly why saving for a rainy day is so important for households as well as businesses and on a larger scale countries… but I have decided to take in the good from these moments that are precious. For once, I’m slowing down and just taking life as it comes. Being a control freak and trying to speculate too much and manipulate the wheel of nature is exhausting and that’s what we do, everyday, all of us !

Now that life has slowed down, we have rediscovered things with a fresh set of eyes. We have been cooking together in the kitchen, wrestling with each other and obviously me loosing that fight with a 6ft tall man… This is not a result of the lockdown, we have been doing exactly this for the past 4 years, the difference is… now we spend a lot more time with each other and play time is not just confined to weekends or a one night stop at Kolkata.. I’m being pampered and babied and I am enjoying being able to nurture and keep him in my warm cocoon of care for as long as I can. Waking up from naps and talking about the different hues of sunset that these clear skies have gifted us, each day a new painting on the canvas of the sky..

Talking, really talking about us, life and what we have. For the first time, we realise how precious this is and how it stands apart from anything we might ever experience. With a tingling sensation of pain, tucked away at a dark dark corner, I am drinking our days and nights and intoxicating myself at this intimacy. We may or may not be each other’s cure but we are the best damn drugs for sure.

We both want to fly high, shattering glass ceilings and writing our names on sky scrapers or beyond but for now this nest is our home.

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