Mind and Body

Hello Readers ! This is a highly requested blog post about my weight loss journey and the little tricks and tips I have discovered for myself..

Firstly let’s talk about the role of mind in weight loss. If you are not ready, if you are not mentally there, prepared and really want it there is no way that you will commit to this. Let’s face it, food is an emotion and junk food is like a toxic relationship! It’s that boy / girl who is perfect for a weekend affair but not marriage worthy.. Egg white, Chicken, salmon, ghee, a bit of cheese even, almond, almond milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, fennel seeds. These are your wife/husband Meterial foods. Marry nutrition and feel free to have those once a week affair with junk food. That’s how you are going to look good and therefore feel good, you will have a whole new perspective of the world.

Up until December 2019, I used to look like a sweet boudi .. As soon I took up this goal, by then I was mentally prepared. I had failed a couple of times in the past two years. Once I got a little bit of success I used to get too cocky. But honestly there is no such thing as good enough ! Don’t stop if you think you are at a good enough state. You have no idea how good you can get trust me, you don’t know what your potential is until you give yourself the very best, the very best effort. I now barely look 22 ! Every time I look in the mirror even if I’m in a rush, cleaning something just stopping to wash my hands, it’s a clear change and a shocker. Eating healthy not only helps you loose weight. It changes your colouring, purifies your blood and changes a lot about your face.

The reason I’m blabbering on about the mental aspect of it is because being ready is everything, it’s the foundation of this mansion we are building… This January when I took up this goal, I thought I will fail, I would not be loosing weight and end up frustrated and eat to give myself emotional comfort and therefore end up gaining more weight. In my uni years when I went on a diet and lost 23 kgs I did it very badly, it was very risky as I lived alone and luckily my health got really bad when my mom was visiting or else who knows what could’ve happened. I had collapsed on the bathroom floor, my mom found me an hour later. I’m known for my long bubble baths so she thought I’m just taking my time and when I didn’t return from my bath she went in and found me unconscious. I had made all the wrong choices. I was starving myself. This time around I’m not 19. I am a mature grown woman, I read up a lot about health and nutrition and even went to a nutritionist. Starting out with a nutritionist is very important. They have a special weighing scale where your weight is divided into.. fat percentage, bone weight and muscle mass. Understanding this is very important. Sometimes we think we are loosing weight and therefore fat but we might also be loosing muscle, which is very unhealthy and can cause bones to weaken. Any accident can have fatal results on such individuals. I followed her for a few months I learnt a lot from her. Eating the right things and working out helps you gain muscle and they are low on calorie so you feel full but your calorie intake is low therefore you loose weight.

There is a calorie intake that men and women should consume. For women it’s 2000 and for men 2500. Basically in order to loose weight you have to regularly create a calorie deficiency, eating less than 2000 will make you loose weight. This information is easily available on the internet.

I am no expert or a professional nutritionist, please don’t follow my diet as your body is different to mine and it might not have the same effect on you as it did on me. What I can talk to you about, something that you can follow is the will and mindset. For 3 months I barely had any cheat days. January to March that is. Maybe once in a month I would have high carb foods.

A typical healthy eating day for me is. Waking up in the morning and drinking a glass of warm water with a bag of power seeds in them. Power seed tea bags can be found at Spencer’s, it’s power packed with chia, fennel and flax seeds. Isn’t that brilliant? You don’t have to buy these things separately, you can just have a tea bag packed with them. I found it myself and I’m sharing it with you, I bought this by the company Typhoo.

Drinking this just gave me that feel good factor, it boosts the metabolism and makes your immunity system better. My skin started to become pretty good for me. I barely wear makeup these days and lockdown or not. I have the confidence to go out without makeup now.

For breakfast I like to eat an egg white, maybe with a few almonds and a large glass of fruit smoothie.

My morning is incomplete without my milk tea or coffee with sugar. Yes I have milk tea with sugar, toned milk but yes milk. I can’t do without milk in the morning and who wants to start a bitter day without sugar. The rest of the day I’m not going to have sugar but the mornings are not meant to be bitter ! At least that’s what I say !!

At lunch I would be having a half katori like 2 table spoon brown rice with 3 kind of sabzi and a fish. And for dinner I have a chicken soup.

In the evening I usually don’t eat anything but if I get too hungry, I have a few almonds.

During my diet days, I was full on into work. Business and NGO so I was running all over town. Sometimes I met people in cafes and sometimes I chose to have meetings in cafes. I was seeing results on my face everyday in the mirror, I was so pumped up that I made sure NO became my favourite word. Make any excuse, say your stomach is upset or whatever but when visiting someone, please refuse Shingara and those kind of snacks. Or if you must have something out of courtesy then make sure you have Twinnings green tea after half an hour. Green tea is also your best friend on cheat days however it’s better not to have them on diet days simply because you don’t need to and let your digestive system get strong on its own. But on cheat days 4 cups of GT is your pal !

No other brand is good enough. Twinnings is the best ! Even at these cafes, eating healthy made me feel so good and light that I choose to eat salads with some feta cheese which by the way works great with low carb diets and chicken. Or sometimes I had a large protein filled smoothie. Check content of your food for nutrition. Starving will only get you bloated. Stay filled with nutritious foods.

Us women especially, it is our habit to oblige, do the right thing be polite. We can still do all those things but mentally put our health first. Because the million little things you do for people will not overshadow the one big thing you don’t do for yourself and you will end up sad and depressed.

Last year the month of June, pushed me towards my journey of self love. It made me realise that there are only two things that matter the most in this world, money and beauty. You must have at least one in order to survive and rule !

Have you seen those people who don’t look half as pretty as you and still they carry themselves with confidence because they have a good body ? Now imagine how good will you look with that body and your face… For me now healthy eating has become an unshakable habit. I feel clotted sort of if I cheat for more than a day, by the second day I start feeling kind of sad like I’m polluting myself. I don’t drink anymore, in this year there have been 3 days when I picked up a drink. Alcohol is no good for anybody. If you need something to intoxicate you in life, I’m sorry you’re doing life wrong. Be high on your work, on your creativity and self love those are the only addictions that will do you any good. I’m extremely happy without alcohol in my life, I don’t miss a thing and I feel like I am more alive.

In all of this the mind plays the biggest role. I love cheesecake, pizza, kfc, biriyani all of these things and today I have them back in my life because I have reached my goal so I can cheat once a week but if you’re trying to loose weight. You cannot cheat once a week. Maybe once a month… just give this 3-4 months of your life and you can have all these junk foods back in your life.

I hope all that I have shared with you helps you. Not in deciding what to eat that part you have to consult your nutritionist and read up, please don’t follow my chart without professional consultation. This post is all about mental preparation because the biggest How in How you did it ? Is the mind …. Last but definitely not the least, let me share with you my nutritionist who helped me understand my body, Mrs. Anubhava Khandelwal ‭+91 0 98309 52826‬. Feel free to contact her and then go ahead with your journey 🙂

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