The ‘Now’ | Quarantine Life..

Amidst all the self enforced productivity and set milestones… Quarantine life has come as a beautiful surprise.. I never thought I could stay locked up in a place for over a month, especially the both of us, staying together and not killing each other ( well there have been times when we felt like itContinue reading “The ‘Now’ | Quarantine Life..”

Give away a smile – an initiative by Prayas

Just like myself.. Prayas has touched the lives of many souls and helped them heal. Today’s post is about one such beautiful human being and his initiative which has given away many a glorious smiles and that too on a very special day for children, on the occasion of Christmas Eve. Our Founder’s close friendContinue reading “Give away a smile – an initiative by Prayas”

Prayash -sunshine on a rainy day..

Recently I had the chance to spend some delightful time with the kids of Prayash, an organisation started by Mr. Avirup Sengupta, it is rare still in our times to find such a group of people whose goal is simply to strive for a better quality of life for these very special Kids. The kidsContinue reading “Prayash -sunshine on a rainy day..”

Stepping away from The Big Tree..

Beneath the blue print of a life planned to the T, there has always been this relentless longing for something more. Perhaps for a sense of self, a desire to live up to a soul unfamiliar to those around me. I have stepped away from the shed, far enough for the tree to at timesContinue reading “Stepping away from The Big Tree..”

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